Possible causes of unfulfilled desire for children

Not pregnant again - an unfulfilled desire to have children is a great burden for many couples. This usually also affects the relationship and causes psychological stress on both sides.

After discontinuing mechanical or hormonal contraceptives, couples quickly hope for a pregnancy. However, if fertilisation does not occur after three months, many couples react worried and anxious and the question of the causes arises.

Stress in case of unfulfilled desire for children

The longer the desire for a child is not fulfilled, the situation becomes all the more burdensome for couples. In order to increase the probability of conceiving, the more deliberately and precisely sexual intercourse has to be scheduled according to the woman’s cycle. The stress continues to increase and has, not only, a psychological effect, but also physically. Often a lack of vaginal lubrication, known as vaginal dryness, is the result. While 25% of younger women suffer from vaginal dryness sometimes to regularly, this figure is twice as high amongst women trying to conceive.

Ursachen unerfüllter Kinderwunsch

Possible consequences of a lack of vaginal lubrication

Vaginal dryness can lead to a number of disadvantages, which increase the problem of an unfulfilled desire for children:

  • Additional stress due to pain during sexual intercourse
  • Increased risk of infection, as the probability of injury to the vaginal mucosa raises
  • Adverse conditions for sperm motility and reduced orgasm probability

Thus the probability of conception decreases and the unfulfilled desire to have children continues.